About Whistler Bag Storage

Whistler Bag Storage open every day of the year from 5am to midnight, with huge lockers for you to store your gear while you explore Whistler!

Based on 90 Reviews

Perfect place to store our skis in late April when the skier shuttle bus isn't running. We walked from Northstar by the market and picked up our skis very close to the gondola. It is a treat that we'll repeat. Instructions are easy to follow. We rented a small ski locker that held two pairs of skis and poles, and two helmets. All by scanning the QR code on the door and filling out the rental information. Entry codes are sent by email.

Peg Crawford May 1, 2024

The lockers are very conveniently located at the lobby level of Hilton hotel, just about 100m from Whistler gondola. Access is very simple. We were renting a smaller ski locker - good enough for two pairs of skis. We also managed to fit in two pairs of ski boots and two helmets even though it was very tight.

David Shneider April 15, 2024

Really convenient, easy to book and use, 1 min walk from gondola. Clean and heated. Most importantly, when I had a problem — specifically overstayed our rental period and misplaced some items — the company was able to remotely help me right away over the chatbot and totally saved our day. Will definitely return

Jordan Stein April 4, 2024

This is an excellent storage solution for skiers in a central location

Neil Hartling March 27, 2024

Simple, easy and very convenient. A large locker costs $40 for the day, and can fit a decent amount of ski gear and luggage. Would recommend.

David Marsden March 19, 2024

Great location and very easy to use. Clean and secure. They are my new ski gear storage place. If you are staying further down in the Village and don't want to drag your gear everyday to the lifts, then this is the place for you.

Jeff Robin March 18, 2024

Great product and service! We've used it several times and will continue to do so, as well as recommend WBS. Lockers are easy to book online and easy to use/access. Chat option worked well for any questions and the owner is very responsive, if needed. Great location, clean and secure!

Kake2Kale March 17, 2024

It is convenient. Works mostly ok. The website is a bit strange and for some reason, it booked two lockers for me. When I tried asking for online chat help, the person on the other end just brushed me off like I was stupid.

Boris Kontorovich March 14, 2024

I am SO happy we found Whistler bag storage. For me, one of the worst parts of ski trips is lugging our skis to and from the mountain every day and this solved that concern! All the directions were easy to follow and I really like that they took previous reviews and made updates to the website making the lockers VERY easy to find. I did have some questions and they were answered VERY quickly and thoroughly through the chat function on the website. Looking forward to using Whistler Bag Storage again! Thank you!

Jessica Marin March 10, 2024

Convenient location. Easy instructions for locker use. Would use again.

Craig Pickard March 7, 2024

Lockers were perfectly located and the room was always clean.

Cory Carr March 7, 2024

So easy to use to store bags after checking out of a place or before your place is available. I wish they provided more directions to the elevator when I was carrying all my bags 🙂

Molly Troop February 29, 2024

Way too expensive for what it is but it’s super convenient and easy to use.

jamie Simes February 23, 2024

A little pricey, but so convenient. Well worth the cost. Mile walk to the locker was a good warmup, 3 sets of skis and boots fit in the locker with some stacking. We'll use it next time.

Mark Jablin February 18, 2024

Why take a local shuttle bus with heavy ski boots while holding your gear? Get a storage locker that is accessible, reliable, and affordable. Leave your boots and gear, change into comfortable runners, and take a shuttle home following a full day on sunny slopes. Highly recommend

Eugene Shmitsman January 29, 2024

V convenient. Bit pricey but makes life heaps easier to be able to walk around without the ski boots & without carrying the skis. We had the large locker which just fitted 3 pairs of adult skis, poles & boots. If you've got wet helmet, don't leave it in the locker as it'll still be wet the next day. The skis and boots otherwise were dry the next day if you shake off all the snow beforehand.

S L January 29, 2024

Loved the location. The online chat was a real person who was very helpful. It would be nice if the website gave directions to the load zone in the parking garage just an elevator ride away. Took some time to figure out the simple way to drop off and load up gear.

Alan Ross January 27, 2024

Omg! Free sunscreen and such a convenient location. Always friendly customer service and amazing rates! Definitely using this again next time I’m here. Thanks Whistler Bag Storage for making my stay super easy!

Dom Cannon January 24, 2024

Amazing!! So easy to use and convenient! Customer service on chat was incredibly fast.

Skye Cannon January 24, 2024

One word. RELIABLE! Easy, fast, cheap. We loved it

Luis Arriola January 23, 2024

Honestly, a very nice expereince with these locker rooms, very secure with cameras and moible entry. The lockers were a good size and I like the rental being for the whole day rather than only ski lift operating hours. Theycould use one more charging port to be more accessible for all, but it's not the end of the world. Thanks WBS

Vance Milo January 15, 2024

Super easy and great service. Will use again for sure

Clarke Nakamoto January 9, 2024

Super convenient!

Brian Jamison January 8, 2024

Their customer service was spectacular Want to call out Tom C. for his exceptional service

kemi miao January 5, 2024

easy and convenient. great way to squeeze out an extra day on the mountain after checking out

James Lee December 24, 2023

Super convenient, was perfect to squeeze in one more day of skiing before catching our flight that night.

William Lee December 24, 2023

Easy to use. Nice and warm room.

Karla Blalock December 22, 2023

Brilliant service for those who visit Whistler without a car! Convenient location, easy to use, clean space. Will definitely use again.

Kerrie Glover November 8, 2023

Very smart set up. Thank you

Robin Brinkley September 17, 2023

Very convenient and easy to use. I recommend it.

Ekaterina М. September 4, 2023

Super helpful, easy, accessible good amount of space.

Jean-Daniel Dubois September 1, 2023

Clean, safe and practical. Just a little hard to find. Hilton sign very small and out of visual area. You must go down stairs. I had to be asking. I didn't know about the service, I only found out, thanks to the information office, If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have had a place to store my luggage, but their guide to get there was not clear. $15 a day.

Mariel Gaona August 15, 2023

Simple and easy

Ethan McLeod August 15, 2023

Surprisingly good and efficient!

Wally Silva August 15, 2023

Amazing service, great location close to chair lifts and always clean. Made going skiing so much easier!

Lou Dempsey May 25, 2023

Is simple and handy.

A Hogie February 28, 2023

The facility is really nice. Our locker was not initially activated like it should have been but with a quick chat with support they got it fixed.

thomas games January 28, 2023

Really clean, lots of space to get dressed! The lockers are much bigger than in the Carleton lodge basement. Smallest locker easily >2x the size of a large Carleton lodge locker. Great value to split with people.

Sabrina Wang January 1, 2023
A row of ski lockers in a room.
A row of wooden lockers, perfect for storing luggage or ski equipment, in a cozy Whistler lodge.

Our History

We opened December 14 2022, right in time to help out travelers over Christmas. From these early days we hope to grow to help all Whistler visitors have the best experience they can, without having to spend another night in a hotel.

Our Philosophy

Transparent & easy

No need to call a travel agent to find a left luggage solution in Whistler. See availability and book online in seconds.


We endeavour to be here for you when you need. Great locations and automatic lockers that work when you need.

About locker room.
About Us: A locker filled with several suitcases.
About Us: The skis are in a wooden locker.
About Us: Our locker holds a pair of skis, ready for your next snowy adventure.