Book a luggage or ski locker

Small Luggage

fitting roughly

2 carry-on suitcases


12" x 25" x 30"

30 x 63 x 77CM

tap to see dimensions

2 Hours +

1+ days 5am - 11pm

LARGE Luggage

fitting roughly

3 average suitcases or 2 hockey bags


22" x 38" x 30"

56 x 96 x 77CM

tap to see dimensions

2 hours +

1 + days 5am - 11pm


fitting roughly

2 sets of skis & poles or snowboard + helmets.


12" x 78" x 17"

30 x 198 x 43 cm

tap to see dimensions

all day 5am - 11pm

Nightly 5am - 11pm


fitting roughly

3 -4 sets of skis, poles boots and helmets


16" x 80" x 22"

40 x 203 x 57 cm

tap to see dimensions

All day 5am - 11pm

Nightly 5am - 11pm

Can I cancel the booking?

You can cancel instantly online from your account up until 1 hour before your booking.

Can I change the booking?

You can change your booking in your account area up until 1 hour before your booking. This includes upgrading or changing the time of your booking.

Are my items safe?

Your things are stored in a pin code secured locker inside a members only room.

You will have a unique pin code for your reservation that works on the front door and your locker, or you can use the remote unlock function inside your booking confirmation for greater security.

Whistler Bag Storage is monitored by multiple CCTV cameras at all times and has on call security guards 24 hours a day.

We are securely closed overnight from 5am to midnight to make sure your stuff stays safe.

Where are you?

We are located in the Hilton Retail Galleries, on the lobby level (downstairs) off Mountain Square on the village stroll.

We are a 1 minute walk from the Whistler and Excalibur Gondola, or a 4 minute walk from the Gateway bus exchange.

Can I just leave my things in a locker as long as I want?

No, like a hotel reservation, you must pre-book the time period you require.

You can often extend your booking from your account. We do not guarantee a booking can be extended.

Items left after your booking ends will be subject to a $50 fee plus the cost of extending the duration of your locker.

Can I access my locker as many times as I like?

Yes, you can come and go as often as you need during your booking hours and our opening hours (5am to 11pm).

To give space to other people, please limit your time in the locker room to 15 minutes per 2 hours.