Large hourly

Large locker for any 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours that you choose, between 5am and 12am.

Mobile key or PIN code access as much as you like between 5am to midnight.


If you require a lower locker, please click on ‘Choose your locker, then choose a locker.

Our ground floor lockers are Lockers 52 – 57

TIP: Multi-day locker bookings are cheap and let you leave your mountain stuff by the mountain. Enjoy apres, shopping, swimming, lunch or dinner, with fresh clothes and without bags. Come and go as much as you need from 5am to midnight.

Save more with multi-day locker booking. Stash your gear and enjoy the mountain life. Swap to comfy attire for dining, shopping, or après. Accessible from 5am to midnight.

Your own little basecamp

Dont spend the day thinking about your stuff. Drop and go.

Sunscreen and USB Chargers

Recharge and reapply.

Long opening hours

5am to midnight, every day of the year.

The best location

Right by the gondolas, and a few minutes walk to the bus.