Knee-Lock Lean-Back (KLLB) nightly rentals for Whistler staff now available


Whistler, British Columbia, April 1, 2023 – Whistler Bag Storage (WBS), a leading provider of secure storage solutions for skiers and snowboarders, today announced an innovative and unique new offering: the “Knee-Lock Lean-Back” (KLLB) nightly rentals for Whistler staff.

Typically reserved for 2-3 sets of skis and snowboards, WBS is helping locals during the dead season.

Capitalizing on the need for affordable and convenient housing options, WBS has transformed its spacious ski lockers into cozy, ergonomic micro-accommodations for the dedicated staff that keeps Whistler’s slopes and services running smoothly. The KLLB system suggests users to lock their knees, lean back, and enjoy a snug, comfortable resting experience – perfect for those quick power naps between shifts or a full night’s sleep after a long day on the mountain.

sleep standing up is possible, with the right support

Unlock the Power of Vertical Slumber

Sleeping while standing up may sound like an impossibility, but with the right support, it can become a reality. WBS has conducted extensive research on the science of vertical slumber, working with sleep experts and ergonomic designers to develop the KLLB system. The Knee-Lock Lean-Back technology combines state-of-the-art knee braces with adjustable back support, allowing users to comfortably sleep while standing up.

“We’re always looking for ways to support our hardworking Whistler staff, and we realized our ski lockers could provide a unique solution to the housing crunch,” said WBS CEO, Tom Carless. “With the KLLB system, we’re offering a fun, space-efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional housing options.”

Each KLLB unit features a soft, adjustable back support, a built-in smartphone charger, and ambient lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. Lockers are thoroughly sanitized between uses, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for users.

To celebrate the launch of the KLLB system, WBS is offering Whistler staff members a one-time “Try Before You Buy” experience on April 1st. Employees who wish to reserve their KLLB unit for the night can simply visit the Whistler Bag Storage location and provide proof of employment.

For more information about Whistler Bag Storage and the Knee-Lock Lean-Back rental program, please visit Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #KneeLockLeanBack.

About Whistler Bag Storage

Whistler Bag Storage is a premier provider of storage solutions for all types of travelers in the Whistler, British Columbia area. Since 2022, WBS has been committed to offering secure, convenient, and affordable storage options for outdoor enthusiasts, helping to enhance their overall mountain experience. With the introduction of the Knee-Lock Lean-Back system, WBS continues to innovate and provide novel solutions to meet the evolving needs of the Whistler community.

*Please note: This press release is intended for April Fools’ Day amusement and should not be taken seriously. The KLLB system is not a real product or service offering from Whistler Bag Storage. DO NOT ENTER OR TRY TO SLEEP IN ANY LOCKER OF ANY KIND