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Appointments for order: #16256

Appointment: #16257

Locker #28 is a Past Reservation.

Ended 5month, 29d ago

Use the below buttons to unlock the front door, then your locker.

or PIN: 68932+#
Sending request, after you a hear a beep open the door on the right.


or PIN: 68932+
Mobile Key sending... Touch and hold the key button until it lights up, then wait for the spiral & beep.

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Having Trouble?

Review some help items below.

My Locker is not opening

Not to worry, try these 3 steps:

  1. Touch keypad until it lights up, then try unlocking again.
  2. After unlocking (You will see a spiral on the lock) press on door then pull to open.
  3. Using a PIN code? try using the mobile unlock button on this page.

The front door will not open

Not to worry, try these 3 steps:

  1. Touch keypad until it lights up, then try unlocking again from your phone.
  2. Try opening the front door with the PIN code listed under your unlock button above.

After 'unlocking', locker shows a spiral and makes a clicking sound, but doesn't unlock

There is pressure on the lock preventing it from opening.

Enter your PIN code (or use your phone to unlock) then press on the door to relieve pressure on the lock.

You shouldn't need to press too hard (unless you really pushed hard when closing the door).

Keypad showing an X after entering my code

You have entered an incorrect or expired code.

Try to enter your code correctly, followed by the # or key symbol on the bottom right of the keypad.

Check your booking is still valid here.

Check you are opening the correct locker.

The lock will not light up

Have you entered your pin code incorrectly a few times, now it's blank?

If so, the lock may have gone into secure mode, where it doesn't power on for 2 minutes. Please wait. While you wait, check your booking in up to date and you are opening the correct locker.

Heat activated

If you have cold hands, try rubbing them together to warm them up. Rest your finger on any number until the screen lights up. These are not iPhone screens, please enter your code slowly.

I need to extend my booking

While it is normally available, we recommend extending your bookings as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

To extend your booking, go to My Lock, search for your booking, then click the 'extend' button at the bottom of the booking.

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