Troubleshooting & FAQ

Can't open your locker? Lost a code? Common answers here.

How It Works

I cannot enter my PIN code

To enter your pin code, place your hand on the numbers until the screen lights up. The buttons are heat sensitive, so if you have wet or cold hands, dry them off and rub them together to get the blood flowing.

If you enter an incorrect PIN code several times, the lock will temporarily disable and stop lighting up, for 2 minutes. Please wait then try again when the screen starts lighing up again.

Door not unlocking

Don't forget the # or 🗝️ key symbol

Make sure you're entering your PIN code and then # or 🗝️ key symbol


Has your booking ended or not begun?

You may see an X on the keypad after entering your code.

Incorrect or expired PIN code

Incorrect or expired PIN code will result in an X being displayed on the pinpad.


We give 15 minutes leeway either side of your locker booking. If you're later than that, you'll need to extend your booking. If you're earlier then contact us via chat. Visit this page to see your booking information, and extend your booking.

Correct code, but door not opening?

Enter your pin code, then the lock symbol,  then press on the door to relieve the pressure on the lock so it can open. So enter the code, then #, then giver' a little push.

Do you have multiple lockers booked?

Each locker has a unique code, check you are using the correct code for the correct locker.

I don't have my PIN code.

Lookup your locker number and PIN code here

Check your emails for an email titled "Here's the PIN code to access your lockers"

If you supplied a phone number, you may have also received a text.

Lost access to your emails/texts?

We're here to help! we can give you your pin code over chat - Chat with us using the widget on this page and we'll verify you over the phone with details from your booking (address, booking date, phone number etc)

My booking has ended - how do I extend it?

To extend a booking, you will need your appointment ID and original booking email address.

Lookup your reservation, then click the 'extend' button.

You cannot extend a booking via phone or live chat.

I can't find you

We're in the lower level of the Hilton retail galleries. Click on over to our location page for directions and a Google maps link.

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